Lawn Care: Why Aerate?

Lawn’s need air, water, nutrients, sunlight and room to grow. If some or all of these things aren’t readily available in the right amounts your lawn will suffer.  Fortunately, this is where lawn aerating comes in.  By removing soil plugs from your turf you can improve several aspects of your lawn.  A compacted soil restricts air flow, moisture penetration, and the root systems ability to grow and expand.   Over time a lawn that isn’t aerated regularly will begin to deteriorate without these vital elements.

The best time to aerate is either in the spring or the fall.  Usually once a season is enough.  Aeration will make your turf stronger and great looking.







  • Aeration rejuvenates your lawn allowing it to breathe more easily
  • Opened airways in your lawn allows water, air and plant nutrients to reach the roots more quickly
  • Aeration removes plugs from the soil, breaking up compacted layers of soil and thatch
  • Soil plugs removed during aeration will break down and provide additional nutrients to your lawn
  • Combine aeration with over-seeding and it can revitalize thinning or older lawns
  • Reduces watering, by relieving soil compaction water penetrates is increases and water run-off is reduced
  • It helps provide a defense against drought and pest infestations.
  • Helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn